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All-In-One Solution

Get the complete event guide, communication tool and marketing medium in one place.

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Always on the Spot

Manage your app’s contents in real time to keep it up-to date before, during and after your event.

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Time & Money Saver

Set up your agendas quicker and save the loads of paper you always had to give out.

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Easy Access for Everyone

Go with the app that works for all devices, both mobile and stationary, in native and web versions.

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Apps Customized for Your Needs

With Confrenz, you’re in control. Customize your app to get a must-have tool with the name, icons and color scheme adjusted to your event.

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A Boost for Your Networking

Enhance the opportunities to interact and create the atmosphere for networking.

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So Simple You Won’t Believe It

Use your user-friendly online panel to handle your app’s data – you don’t need any IT knowledge.

A Sponsors’ Desire

Provide your sponsors with lots of advertising space in the app. They’ll love to get more visible to so many people.

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